September 26, 2017

Andrew Matejka ’19, Staff Writer

Andrew Matejka '19

Andrew Matejka ’19 goes about his life with a simple idea in the back of his mind: to apply himself in ways that he can be the best person he can.  Whether he’s having healthier breakfasts, competitively swimming, or planning his future endeavors, Matejka stays true to his belief.

“You want to know that when you’re done with whatever you’re doing, you did the best you could.  If you know that, you’ll be successful,” he said.

A competitive swimmer, Matejka spends his mornings and afternoons in the pool.  He practices for 25 hours each week and always keeps an eye towards his goals in swimming.  

He hopes to be an All-American in college, but his dream does not end there.

“The big end goal… [is] Olympic swimming,” he said.  “That’s what you have to strive for… if you treat yourself like you can and [train] in that manner, you’ll reach levels that you never thought you could [reach].”

Matejka also has dual-citizenship with the Czech Republic, giving him another opportunity to fulfill his ambition.

Alongside swimming, he is an avid sports fan, especially for the University of Michigan.  Both of Matejka’s parents and four of his aunts and uncles went there.  Also, his grandfather was a professor there, and his grandmother was a librarian there, too.

“I have always been around it [Michigan] growing up,” Matejka said.  “I have bonded [with family] over it.”  He has gone to several of their football games with family, and regularly watches the games on TV.

Through these experiences, he has learned how influential sports can be to a bond between people.  

“Fans will get divided, but it’s cool to see so many people of different backgrounds supporting [a team],” he said.  “[Sports] throws out politics, and for those two and a half hours you can throw away all your differences and support the same team.”