June 19, 2018

A Fresh Canvas for Wellesley Artists

The Art Department explores its new digs
Anna Forte ’13
Staff Writer

Following last week’s move, the Art Department has begun to settle in its new space.

Although students and teachers were recently introduced to the new art facilities, they have been reacting well to them. “[The photo room] is a beautiful space and [the process] has been pretty amazing,” said Photography teacher Doug Johnson.

Art teachers and students alike seem to like the department’s location in the school. It is more convenient having all of the art rooms in one hallway rather than having the photo room in a different hall than the rest of the art rooms. “It’s great to have all the art rooms together,” said Johnson.

Amie Larson, the ceramics and creative journal teacher, is also excited that her room comes with more space. “I have a separate place for my kiln,” she said. One of Larson’s students, Yulyssa Diaz ’13 also likes the space. “[The] way the room is set up [makes] it feel more open,” said Diaz.

Many of the art rooms also come with great perks. Along with the extra space, students get to enjoy natural light that shines through skylights. “All the natural light is really beautiful,” said Ali Furneaux ’13. Furneaux, who spends a lot of her time in the photo room, also loves the revolving door that leads to the dark room. “That door is so cool,” she said.

The dark room did, however, present a minor problem when the photo class moved in. The red lights in the ceiling were too dim and did not provide the room with enough illumination. Luckily, Johnson was able to fix the problem by retrieving one of his lights from the dark room in the old school and moving it to the new dark room.

Many art students, including photo student Alison LePard ’13, admit that the move to the new school still feels bittersweet. “It’s still sad to leave the old photo room; there were a lot of memories there,” said LePard. Furneaux also said that she will “miss the clutter and the love marks all over the tables and floor and walls.”

There is no doubt that students will eventually fall in love with these new spaces. Reed Walker ’13said that the room, with its organized storage, technology, and great light, “has a professional and clean look.” She said that she thinks the new room “is going to help [her] focus on [her] art.”

“I couldn’t be more thrilled,” said Walker. “I already feel like the new space is home.”

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