June 19, 2018

22nd Annual WEF Spelling Bee Merges Competition, Fun, and Community Spirit

Jack Clifford ’13
Staff Writer

Last Thursday, the Wellesley Education Foundation (WEF) hosted the 22nd annual Spelling Bee at Sprague Elementary School. With over 50 local teams participating, the competition for the title of Wellesley Spelling Bee champion was tough. Many teams from the high school competed, including Student Congress, Green Team, Key Club, and National Honor Society.

“Initially I was nervous, but I it turned out to be really fun,” said Anna Zannetos ’13, one of the three representatives of the Wellesley High School Key Club.

The entire Sprague gymnasium was filled with supporters and fans, eager to see the contestants take part in the competition. Thanks to the many generous sponsors, which included local businesses and families, WEF obtained the necessary supplies for the night.

Originating in 1990, the WEF Spelling Bee has been an annual tradition that has attracted numerous groups in the community.

This year, there were seven groups of teams that each competed against each other to face off in the ultimate round of seven, in which a winner would be crowned. The competition was tough, involving many words that stumped even the most intelligent participants.

In the end, Team Butyraceous and The Spellbinders faced off in the final round. Hurdling over words such as “myrmecology” and “chiffonade,” Team Butyraceous finally achieved victory by correctly spelling the word “irremeable.” This victory was the team’s second in a row – a feat only achieved by two other teams in the past.

Although some groups certainly took the bee quite seriously, many teams entered it just for fun. Further, the many volunteers that helped with the setup contributed just to aid in their community and to help build town spirit.

“We love the community aspect of [the bee], and how it is both educational and fun at the same time. It is a multi-generational activity that brings together the whole town,” said volunteers Susan Clapham and Janet Seidl.

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